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- Shoot the movie in foreign locales when it's feasible or practical to do so.

-Consider shooting the movie digitally like an Arri Alexa 65 or Red 8K. Spielberg has used digital in The BFG and Ready Player One.

-Find a Macguffin easy to understand and one that people care about.

-Give Indy sidekicks who compliment his skills but the focus should always be on Indy.

-Just let Indy have fun and hold nothing back.


-Use CGI in places that end up being distracting and take you out of the movie. (e.g The CGI trees and leaves in the jungle scene which was filmed on location)

- Try too hard to be like Raiders. Raiders was its own movie and nothing will ever top it.

- Hold back on the violence. We're talking about a franchise where people have been chopped up with propeller blades, had a heart ripped out, heads exploding, etc.
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