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Originally Posted by IndyBuff

Make Indy the main focus. Keep the adventure party small and let Indy drive the adventure from start to finish.

Stick with a biblical or more common artifact that has basis in reality.

Include Sallah.

Have Indy use his gun.


Make it political or push social commentary.

Use CGI any more than absolutely necessary.

Kill off Indy at the end.

Shy away from violence or intense images.

I agree with this. I'll echo the "Don't" for political/social commentary. That might be my biggest fear, that Disney will use this as an opportunity to highlight an agenda that has nothing to do with Indiana Jones. Placing it in the '60's makes me feel like a social commentary (either within the story or as a meta-narrative) is low hanging fruit. Here's hoping they avoid that temptation!

I'll add a "Do": Keep it pulpy!

Keep the tone in line with the pulp feel from the first three movies. Don't allow the era to dictate the tone. Far and away I think that might have been the main thing that hindered "Crystal Skull", leading to a million minor bad decisions.
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