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Originally Posted by foreverwingnut
When I read the novels about Indy's earlier adventures as a first-time teacher, it seems easier to picture him as Flannery rather than Ford because the character is often written as sometimes unassured and often out of his element. It would seem that those early novels were inspired considerably by Flannery's portrayal.
Foreverwingnut, don’t take offence nor imagine this is an attempt to “smear” you, etc.

Firstly, it may *seem* that the early novels were inspired by Flanery's portrayal but that’s not the case because the first 4 novels were published before the TV series even aired.

Secondly, I know that "Flannery" is the common spelling of the family name but Sean Patrick is a "Flanery" with one 'n'. (The thread title with "nn" is incorrect.) You wouldn't want someone misspelling your own name, would you?
Originally Posted by foreverwingnut
As has been pointed out in this thread, Young Indy speaks twenty-seven languages...
Some of the languages I've pointed out might be elaborated or dismissed by others, but that's perfectly fine because I'd like to get as complete a list as we can get. I haven't watched the Young Indy series for awhile and I've never read the comics, so any help here is appreciated.
It may interest you to know that we have a thread dedicated to that very topic! (Archaeos provided a link in his post directly above yours so I don't understand why you want to start a conversation about Indy's language skills here in this thread.) Check it out, Wingnut...and in order to take full advantage of the information in that thread, you should remove my name from your “ignore list”.

Indy’s Languages

Don't get bent, Wingnut. You said, "any help here is appreciated", and I'm just trying to help you out.
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