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You're right, Stoo, any help is appreciated. While skimming through this thread for a specific, completed list of the languages, I missed Archaeos' brief mention about the link. Still, it wasn't a total waste of time for me, because it was fun to try and name as many languages as I could before I compare it with the other posting. It is, of course, a waste of time for anyone else who bothered to read my post. The moderators have my permission to delete that particualr post if they choose. The extra "n" in Flanery was an easy mistake for all of us as that it the common spelling, but thanks to your correction, many of us won't make the same mistake again. While we're on the subject of corrections though, Stoo, I have to return a friendly, constructive correction to you: there were more than four Indiana Jones books published before Young Indy aired. R.L. Stine, alone, had an entire series of Indy books for young readers in the 80s. In my earlier post, I was referring to the more popular titles of the 90s beginning with "Peril at Delphi". "Delphi" came before Young Indy, but "Dance of the Giants"- Indy's first teaching gig- was published the same year that Young Indy was being filmed and well before the show aired in March 1992. There were also numerous articles in various magazines and newspapers throughout 1990about the search for the star of Young Indy and the subsequent discovery of Flanery. Most everyone knew who Flanery was before he even stepped in front of the camera. The tone of the 90s novels is much more like Flanery's portrayal than Ford's, even though Ford was the image on the covers. "The Secret of the Sphinx" in '99 was perhaps Ford's persona as Indy had become a more-assured and more experienced adventurer by then.
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