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Originally Posted by foreverwingnut
While we're on the subject of corrections though, Stoo, I have to return a friendly, constructive correction to you: there were more than four Indiana Jones books published before Young Indy aired. R.L. Stine, alone, had an entire series of Indy books for young readers in the 80s. In my earlier post, I was referring to the more popular titles of the 90s beginning with "Peril at Delphi". "Delphi" came before Young Indy, but "Dance of the Giants"- Indy's first teaching gig- was published the same year that Young Indy was being filmed and well before the show aired in March 1992.
Yes, I'm very aware of the '80s "Find Your Fate" books (I even had one but lost it.) but all of those stories take place between 1933-1939 when Indy is an experienced teacher. You were clearly referring to the Bantam novels so when I wrote "first 4 novels", I meant the first 4 of that series. Even though some of them were written while the "Chronicles" was being filmed, it's doubtful that Rob MacGregor was on-set or saw any footage to base his interpretation on. Like an average Joe Schmoe, his first exposure to Flanery acting as Indy was probably when the series showed up on the small screen. (Interviews with MacGregor seem to imply this but I could be wrong).

In addition to that, Rob MacGregor's take on a younger Indy wasn't the only aspect to precede the TV series. Check this out, Wingnut: Old Indy invented by Rob MacGregor pre-YIJC?
Originally Posted by foreverwingnut
There were also numerous articles in various magazines and newspapers throughout 1990about the search for the star of Young Indy and the subsequent discovery of Flanery. Most everyone knew who Flanery was before he even stepped in front of the camera. The tone of the 90s novels is much more like Flanery's portrayal than Ford's, even though Ford was the image on the covers.
Well, I didn't know who Flanery was before the premiere episode and neither did any of my friends & co-workers. However, I do agree* that Indy in the first few Bantam novels shares similarities with Flanery's portrayal. Recently, I started to read them again and SPF is who I picture in my head.

*Hey, we're inn agreemennt! Time to openn annother bottle of champagnne!

P.S. Instead of asking the mods to delete your 'languages' post, you should request for it to be transplanted to the other thread. No sense in letting it go to waste. (To answer one of your questions: When Indy enlists in the Belgian army, French is used.)
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