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Originally Posted by Sharlow
I think the trick to enjoying this movie was to go in with an open mind.

I'd not thought to search the web for forums like this before the movie came out (DOH) so I went in there expecting nothing but an Indiana Jones Movie.

I'd seen one lot of previews on the TV on a Movie Critics show, and that was it, no trailers nothing. (Geeze living in the back of whoop whoop does have it's advantages sometimes)

From the minute they threw the hat down and all the soldiers surrounded it with their guns pointed I was hooked. The second viewing yesterday has me more hooked, and even knowing the mistakes and continuity errors in it, I still loved every second of it.

So maybe people who expect too much then have their expectations dashed which is why they are saying such horrible things about it.

You can't honestly say that the fridge scene was any worse than some of the far out scenes from the previous 3 movies ( can't think of any off the top of my head, aint that typical ). The main attraction of Indy was his ability to survive the most ridiculous situations and get out of them, if not exactly scott free then only slightly bruised and battered.

It's a movie, it's supposed to be entertaining and unrealistic so let yourself be entertained by it. Suspend your sense of belief and relax and let the story transport you.

Thank you. The last two or three sentences pretty much sums it up for me.

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