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Well most people will ignore you, i think. We´ve got some guys here with racial thought, of course, but the majority of them are just ignored.
Some weeks ago I had a walk in hannover and found a neonazi in front of me, I assume he thought I was a friend in mind (i wear a lonsdale hoody) and began talking to me. He spoke about his past, he was bricklayer with job, earned 1,400 euro in the month, then a pole came, took his job (he made the same work for just 300 euro) and the end was his joblessness. The finale was his louder question on the street: "who was fired?" and he shouted "The Aryan!" That was also the point when i turned into the next book store.
Well okay, thats not usual. It doesnt happen often that the guys scream their thoughts all over the place, the most of them are clever enough to keep it calm.

uhm, the question, well as i said, the most people would ignore you. Especially guys who aren´t from germany are trying this kind of "funny jokes", just to have a look for the reactions. And please dont misunderstand me, but, I wanna see behind every guy whos shouting trash like "heil hitler" oder "third reich" a group of punks

But in fact the best thing you can reach in germany with such actions is a charge for scandalization. Nazi symbols are forbidden too.

@JediIndy: Please: "Heil Hitler" and "Heil dem Führer!"

Do people still remember any of that? It was a long time ago. It doesn't matter how long ago it was. It is and still part of German history. Yes I would like to get some perspective of someone who lives there.

Neither the germans nor the other nations are allowing the german public forgetting their crimes, their frailties, their blemish.
In school I had the time between 1933 and 1945 (i mean the time hitler "won" the elections and the end of ww2) four times. and everytime a little bit more intensiv. The first contact with the crimes of the third reich in the age of eleven.
Trust me, especially the germans - the government, the educational system and every person with a clear mind - are doing a very very good job in not forgetting their past.
I´m sure better than the most other nations with criminal past. btw.

hope it helps you
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