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Very very interesting statement.

Originally Posted by JediIndy
Thanks very, very much Balou. That was very insightful. So you are from Germany or currently reside there?

well i´m livin in germany, near hannover.

but I also am in a minority and think that Hitler was not 100% evil or bad. Like Napolean, Saddam, Julius Ceaser, The Bristish in India, tyrants have also done good. Hitler in my thinking was like a father who loved his country so, so much and wanted his people to achieve and be successful. How he did it was wrong. But he did promote youth groups, improving self esteem, healthy diet and exercise to the Germans.

I´m pretty sure, you´re not finding lots of acceptance for this sight. IMO it´s ridiculous to call a man/government/situation etc. "evil" or "bad". What the heck? The world isn´t a disney-movie, where you´re able to differ between the good and the bad. Imn my opinion you can´t call Hitler or anyone "evil" etc. (please, i´m not a nazi) Of course, the things between 1939 and 1945, the conditions for the jews, the handycapped, the sinti and romanians and the homosexuals were terrible, and nobody shall forget 6,ooo ooo victims, neither the problems and crisis Germany brought for europe and for its one population, but neither Nazi-germany nor hitler hisself were evil.
I cannot trust in the existance of people who call a human being "bad"....

Nevertheless, jediindy, you´ve to keep the things in mind. promoting youth groups, improving self esteem, healthy diet and exercises are pretty good, but Hitler was chasing just one aim: his absolutely unbelievable palns and wishes. Principally the points you named are really good, but in the context they were just one instrument to wage the war. And thats not what intelligent people want, eh?

That's something us Canadians and Americans can learn a few things about. Hard work and positive self image. These are not necessarily bad qualities.

O yes, thats right, but try to explain to a canadian or an american that he should transfer some attributes from the nazis. When you´re trying this, be prepaired for a sprint.

I personally have decided not to do that in Germany if I go. I just want to admit that I do respect and admire some aspects of Hitler and what he tried to do to improve his country and some of the things he did do were good and Germans shouldn't be completly ashamed of this man.

Well, as i said: you wont find many germans who are able to find just ONE good aspect in hitler. WW2 was finally his fault and with his order millions of innocent people were killed and germany ran into poorness and alliied occupation.
And finally the education (Germany was two times the war monger, they should never have a kind of national pride)and the permanent accusations are doing a great job. I don´t believe you´ll find more than a fistfull people who are not totally ashamend of hitler. (except the neonazis)

These are not necessarily bad qualities. Of course opressing the Jews, burning them in ovens was a bit too far but nobody is perfect.

I like your humor. Pretty black. I´m lookin forward to your post

@qwerty: aah one of thousand and one traps in the german language. The articles.^^ in german theyre just describing the gender of the word. "Der" for masculine, "die" for feminine, and "das" for neuter. I fear theres just one way to learn them: training. btw. you always should learn the subject with the article. Thats easier.
It´s great youre able to learn german at your high schools. ( I always thought, americans are just talkin a bit spanish for chatting with the kitchen help )
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