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Yes I understand your point Balou, the world is not disney like with just good and evil. The world, just like the Nazi's have there white and black and many shades of greys and colors. I am happy to see the Germans teach about their past and that most Germans are ashamed of it. But again I still think Germans should not be completely ashamed of this person and his organiztion. Even Time magazine and many of top economists at the time applauded Adolf and his party for improving the economic conditions for Germans. Remember that in the 30's most of the world was in a severe depression and Germany was booming and expanding. Unemployment was at a extreme low and the doiche marks were trading on the same level as the british pound and American dollar. This was all accomplished before the war and the holocost.

Back in Canada when you talk to any average person under 30, there is little or next to no awareness of Hitler except he was a evil dicator 50 years ago. Even many University students I spoke to 2 years ago had a vague knowlege of this man and said they were not taught much about world war 2. I also was shocked that they did not know who Gandhi was!!! What do they teach kids in Social Studies these days?? Anyway it was interesting posting with you Baloo and heariing about your perspective living in Germany. I was also wondering since I am interested in travelling there, is there a museum in paticular that you are aware of that focuses mostly on the Nazi's and the early 20th century I could visit? and is there still any abandoned Concentration camps you can visit? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
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