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Originally Posted by Luisiana Jones
Its not as far as I know, just doing the nazi salute its illegal, u could even find urself in jail for this kinds of things, every apology to ns its illegal and very persecuted in Germany, not so much in Italy or Spain, but germans are pretty not open to those kinds of things, though Jay R Zay will be able to explain to you better the consequences, as he lives there.

true. actually, the way we deal with our history is growing bizarre now. it is now prohibited to wear symbols like this one:

because they could be "mistaken for nazi symbols". the whole matter is complicated and ridiculous in many ways. but, unlike some other details, i believe that the laws concerning the "hitlergruß" (hitler salute) are justified. nazism and racism isn't funny and it's still present. doing the hitler salute isn't just a joke about history, it is a modern day political statement. nazism isn't just history.

Originally Posted by Abe Vayoda
At the least, I think everyone would be thoroughly disgusted.

i think so, too, and i disagree with this:

Originally Posted by Balou
Well most people will ignore you, i think. We´ve got some guys here with racial thought, of course, but the majority of them are just ignored.

according to my personal experiences, nazism is usually anything but ignored. i wouldn't recommend displaying nazism openly in hannover city. disgust, as abe vayoda mentioned, would be the least reaction you could expect.
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