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Originally Posted by everlong
hi guys i have to ask myself if harrisons fight against the nazis was for nothing . i am from austria, also a part of hitlers big reich. hitler was also born in austria. hitler was fighting in world war 1 in böhmen. i am pretty sure that every humanīs soul changes if he is 24 hours a day in war. your friends or wathever die in this war and finally you are on the loosers side. everything without sense!? not hitler sayed to himself! i will get it right! thatīs a big part of the story i thing. and many others here in germany and austria who also fight in this war(at that time) and who also feel the consequence from the winners might also think like him! this time they will loose.after world war one you needed money in kg to buy breath it canīt go so on! so it was very interesting to listen to hitler, who speaks from the 1000 years deutsches reich, and his plans to get germany back on top! as a strong nation.but finally time goes on and hitler just cares about himself and his phsycho wires.
what to hell have the judes done to get such crimes? the doktor of his dying mam was jude. he wantet also more than the enemys from world ware one, he also hade planes for america! he send troops in summershirts to stalingrad 100.000 dead who cares. at the end he fights against america russia and the rest of the world the war was lost for 3 years people died day after day no problem if we donīt win the ware whe better all die!ausschwitz was a factory like crysler i mean where they bild the cars. 1000 behind plan damm. he donīt cares about the people really!ok i stop

ps: he is fastinatic thats true, but a system like that is just for the people on the top good. i woud like to be hitler ! but a very human one

i'm not sure if i got your point
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