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Originally Posted by emtiem
It's also implied that the Government guys came to Indy because he knew Abner Ravenwood as named in the Nazi message; if so they wouldn't have needed to go to Marcus so there'd have been little reason for him to be involved unless he worked at the college. It's all open to interpretation, though.

True but what they say is he studied under Professor Ravenwood. It's never explicitly said they sought Indy out first. Marcus knew Abner, too. Or so it's implied ("Rubbish. Ravenwood's no Nazi."). I think they went to Marcus about Abner first, then Marcus suggested taking them to see someone who knew him better, like Indy.

I admit it really is simpler to just assume they're the same university, and that the museum Marcus is said to curate is the university's in-house one, I just like looking at different possibilities.
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