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Here's a full article:

And it seems the "mummies" bit is implied by...

However, two other bodies looked especially strange -- those of a man and a woman found in tight fetal positions as if they had been tightly wrapped up, reminiscent of "mummy bundles" seen in South America and other parts of the world. These bodies were apparently mummified on purpose, the first evidence of deliberate mummification in the ancient Old World outside of Egypt.

Not sure if I buy that, because, as you mentioned, they weren't really mummified. Egyptians did it on purpose. I believe the South American mummies were naturally preserved by the dry air and altitude (little bacteria to eat them away). I could be wrong on that. In Egypt, even peasant graves can contain "mummies." For all the work priests did on royalty, the dry desert sand did a pretty good job by itself on peasants.

And also...

Mineral alterations of the outer layer of the bones suggest they were entombed in acidic surroundings, such as those found in nearby peat bogs. Exposures to such bogs for a year or so would have mummified them, stopping microbes from decomposing the bodies by essentially tanning them in much the same way that animal skin is turned into leather.

If I recall correctly, bog bodies, which are very well preserved, are often corpses of either murder victims or people who were executed. (There was debate on murder/execution issue.) The bodies were dumped in the bog and unintentionally preserved.

However, they're saying these bodies were assembled and buried some 600 years after the folks died. In scientific terms, that is just plain Bizarr-O

Whether there is skin on them or not, those skeletons are in very good condition for almost 4,000 years old. With that level of preservation, the acidic compounds, and other factors, I do think you could call them mummies. Mainly, it's a better headline than "Frankenstein Skeletons."

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