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Originally Posted by Agent Spalko
Indy ain't the X-Files. That comes in July.

Why are you passionately against the idea of it? What is so different about the idea of aliens and the idea of voodoo? And what exactly places it outside the domain of Indy? What makes voodoo or a gold chest melting people's faces off more believable than aliens?
The word of a book written thousands of years ago? I guess the idea of half-man, half bull creatures called ''minotaurs'' is plausible then too, since that story was written at least a millenia ago.

The idea of flying machines and visiters from the sky is not a new one--it goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years itself.

The legend of El Dorado, or a lost city of gold goes back centuries, and has even driven explorers and adventurers to search for it. Much like the Ark and Grail. Can't say the same for the Sankara Stones, as they're fictional objscts enbued with exaggerated powers based on Indian beliefs in sacred stones, mixed with New Orleans style Voodoo and the idea of human sacrifice, also mixed with the horror movie element of hearts being ripped out of one's chest through magic while still allowing said person to live.

Watch the History Channel documentary I gave you the link to, it's very interesting. It's titled "UFOs in the Bible"
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