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Originally Posted by Agent Spalko
VooDoo=Supernatural Magic

Aliens= Science Fiction

And what is so different about ''supernatural magic'' and ''science fiction''? They're both basically scientifically unsubstanciated ideas, based on faith. One man's fiction is another man's gospel.
The idea of the ''supernatural'' is just ''science fiction'', worded to sound more mysterious and aged 2,000 years. They're pretty similar in that they offer fantastic, not of this world phenomena. The ancient supernatural ideas were what people used to explain the world when science was not yet advanced.

Supernatural is, well, let's see...Something beyond that which is taken to be ''natural'', of this earth. Aliens or some kind of other-worldly or even inter-dimensional beings would tend to fit that description. ''Magic'', well, magic is also something of faith. And something which conflicts with Christianity, as most Christians believe magic to be not associated with God.

I don't know, the idea of a doll made to inflict pain, by some unexplained magic, seems kind of hokey in comparison to the idea of there being other life in what may possibly a universe of infinite and ever growing size, in which there are billions of galaxies and countless numbers of stars and planets.
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