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Originally Posted by Attila the Professor
Oh, of course. I was actually positing the opposite, that you very likely can't cite the line as being Kasdan's since the idea of that line being his arose here.

Yes, I'll stick to the only reliable info (that Koepp asked Kasdan for help regarding the love dialogue) if I can't find the interview. If I do happen to find it though I'll make sure to share the answer here!

Originally Posted by Z dweller
Interesting, thanks.

A quick google search shows two existing bios in English, the most recent of which published in 2000.

I haven't read either, but they sound more like traditional bios, unlike your project.

Will your book be published in France only, may I ask?

Yes, the book will only be published in France but previous English books have taken the "movies only" road, such as Lee Pfeiffer and Michael Lewis in "The films of Harrison Ford". I'd be happy to share news about the book as we come closer to its release but we're still far away so I don't want to share too many details yet (and get even more off topic).
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