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Some confusion on the article's title:
Watch the Skies: David Koepp on War of the Worlds
Steven Spielberg on David Koepp's War

I remember a 2005 DVD exclusive booklet "War of the Worlds: The Shooting Script" which included a Koepp Q&A with Rob Feld. Nothing Indy but always a fascinating interviewee. Some other interviews:

The Shadow: Screenwriter David Koepp
Altman, Mark A.
Cinefantastique 25(4): 23. August 1994.

Writer of Rampages
Warren, Bill/Shapiro, Marc
Starlog 242: 70-73. September 1997.

David Koepp
Sobczynski, Peter
Cinefantastique 31(4): 45. April 1999.
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