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Stopped by the park and rode PotC last night, and found the ride was just as unrewarding as the movie. The fog element was cool, but they had to remove the best part of the ride to create it. bah!

So to perk my spirits, I went to the Napa Rose for a glass of wine.

A glass of Fanucchi 2000 old vine Russian River zinfandal. Very nice.

I tasted the Murphy-Goode zin, as well. It was also a late harvest wine and I was mildly reminded of a port, so I opted for the Fanucchi glass instead.

I really enjoyed the deep red, almost purple color of the wine, it was a tart bouquet with bold hints of chocolate and an equally sharp acidic first taste. I noticed a blackberry and peppery flavors that Adam said would typically accompany a zin. (Juan and Mickey also chatted with thanatosis and I). The alcohol was there, but I found it subtle, and the flavor filled the whole tongue. It finished strong and lasted on the palate well after the wine was down. I would say this wine probably deserved some food or appetizer to compliment it; perhaps a peppercorn sirloin, or it might have even gone well with the Louisanna red pepper pork loin I grilled Saturday night.

I would have loved to stay for the petaluma rabbit, or maybe to share in the seven deadly sins over another glass or two with thanatosis, but as this was more of an assignment, and work this morning, only a glass.
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