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PERS is a Hot Toys thing so, this being a Sideshow product, it wouldn't feature PERS. The question was whether or not it would have separate eyes though, which Sideshow did experiment with on a few figures with limited success. These didn't move like PERS do, but were separate pieces inserted into the head sculpt. I have the Sideshow Hoth Han Solo and I think they look pretty good there, though others don't agree, but I would rather they not take a chance on Indy to be honest. Whatever they are doing on the prototype is fine with me. You are right though, a Sideshow rep did confirm on the SS Freaks board that this figure would not utilize the separate eye system and it seems they have pretty much abandoned the concept all together.

For what it's worth, here is a shot of the Sideshow Hoth Han hatless sculpt on my custom Bespin Han:

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