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Originally Posted by Duaner
Did you like them better than the Flanery episodes though?

Don't get me wrong, I overall liked the Carrier episodes. I noted above that the Egypt and British East Africa episodes were great. The episode in China where Indy got seriously ill was pretty good as well. I just wasn't thrilled too much with the Paris, Vienna, and India episodes. I remember the India episode centering too much on Miss Seymour and being way too "talky".

Flanery's episodes for the most part were never dull.

To answer your question (2 years late): Yes, I tend to prefer them over the Flannery episodes. For two reasons:

1) The period in which they take place (1908-1910) fascinates me. Seeing Europe prior to the Great War is heartbreaking, in a good way.

2) Corey captures Indy's more mischievous, adventurous side much better than Flannery does. I can more easily see Corey growing into River Phoenix, who then grows into Harrison Ford. It's not so much Flannery's fault as an actor so much as the material he's often given to work with. There are, as I get older, only a few episodes in which Flannery feels like a truly young Indiana Jones (Masks of Evil, Phantom Train of Doom, Adventures in the Secret Service, Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, and Daredevils of the Desert). Too many of his episodes, while great in their own way, strike me as wasted potential for Indy's character, and also sometimes he's written more out of character.
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