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Originally Posted by emtiem
Yeah, that 'alternative' scene reads a lot worse than the one we actually got; the jungle chase is much more original than that; I quite like the idea of having so many characters constantly swapping vehicles and there's a lot more plot covered in the film version too.

It was, however, a bit disappointing to see the jungle cutter disposed of so quickly- it would have been nice to use it more. Perhaps if Indy instead of Mutt had been left behind during the latter stage of the chase- then instead of Mutt coming swinging out of the jungle to save the car of our heroes being pushed over the clifftop, Indy could have suddenly smashed through the treeline driving the jungle cutter- he hits Irina's jeep letting Marion escape; the jeep gets caught in the gears of the cutter and the baddies pile out to attack Indy. He defends himself as the cutter teeters on the edge and perhaps grabs a vine or whips himself out of trouble. Maybe the ant fight could have had a bit more tension if the empty cutter had still been running, its blades spinning, maybe chucking out bits of jeep occasionally (although that's perhaps a bit too similar to the Raiders aeroplane fight).

Like the idea
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