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Originally Posted by IndyBuff
It's more of the same: forced diversity, female characters who have no flaws, bizarre sexual traits (making Lando pansexual) and cramming anti-capitalist junk in when they can (like the Canto Bight bit from TLJ). Star Wars has gone from something that was fun for everyone to being a divisive vehicle for people like Kennedy and Johnson to shove their politics into. We've had two films to explain why Rey is so powerful and we still know nothing. Luke, one of the strongest Jedi in history, is reducing to a bitter old man who does next to nothing. Nearly every male in The Last Jedi is shown to be impulsive, clueless, or weak. It's clear that Disney isn't interested in writing great stories or compelling characters, but rather preaching to their audience and shoving SJW politics into their narratives. Why can't they just write compelling characters without it having to boil down to race and gender? It's baffling.

I liked The Force Awakens and loved Rogue One, so I'm not just some hater jumping on a bandwagon. However, after The Last Jedi my enthusiasm is completely gone. Fans are pissed off about the hijacking of their franchise and the condescending replies from Lucasfilm and Disney aren't helping. I'm at the point where I don't want Indy V. I'm scared of what it will become and what lengths they'll go to in order to "update" that character as well.

Hollywood literally canít do anything right. First they are white washing, now that films are more diverse people complain about forced diversity.

Disney pumped out 17 MCU movies in a row with a white male lead. Nobody claimed they had an agenda. 17!! Then one comes along - Black Panther and now they have an ďagendaĒ. Get freaking real. Same with star wars. Did the first 6 films have a white male agenda with lead characters? These complaints are literally rediculous.
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