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Originally Posted by IndyBuff
I'm not just singling out the women. Kennedy and the other producers have made a concerted effort to point out that they're putting women at the forefront. I just want great characters, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Having diversity just for the sake of it isn't enough to get a free pass. We've had better in the past and should have better writing now.

I've agreed with everything you've said so far. The issue isn't women and diversity in and of themselves. The issue is the shoehorning and the force-feeding of an agenda over story/characters/art, (basically the reasons we go see and love and consume movies). Any agenda (even if someone had a white straight male agenda...which Marvel doesn't...which is why no one cared that there were 17 straight white male leads) that is rolled out and made into cookie cutter characters to be the vehicles for that agenda are not going to please anyone but the rabid dogs who are begging for the agenda to be fed to them again. It is purely propaganda, plain and simple. And not even hidden. The creators/producers admit it nakedly to the praise of their rabid dogs.
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