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Originally Posted by indyclone25
last christmas i bought a bluray player, and i have e it hooked to my regular ol tv , i plan on getting a hdtv this christmas most likely a 50 inch, since i saw a sanyo 50 inch at walmart this week for 900 bucks i plan to get that one. and let me tell you i havent bought any bluray discs yet all my movies right now are dvd and i have seen the indy movies on my friends big screen tv offa blu ray and it looks awesome

That's likely because the Blu Ray player is upscaling the standard DVD's. Upscaling works, but a natural source on a Blu Ray disc with more data will look better. If you are looking to get some great colors and lines from your DVD's, then pick up Sony's Superbit titles or the Criterion collection stuff.

Still, Blu Ray is the way to go.
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