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I've done a little reading and it seems the whole Avatar deal boils down to one thing that Yesterland doesn't have to offer: 'luminescence.' Disney needed a complementary land for Animal Kingdom that they could keep open after dark. Pandora affords Disney that option. I wonder what alcohol is available in Pandora? The Younger Generations may never stupidly be tethered to a stupid cable bill and ESPN but they will drink and a park serving booze is an annuity any investor should be pleased with in these days of minimal returns.

Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
* - I recently had my hands on a copy of the contract between Marvel & Universal, and it looks like there are ways to add Marvel characters to the Florida parks. The primary tenant seems to be that they can't have been an Avenger. It rules out Black Panther from appearing (for now),
but I think Wakanda is fair game.

You've got to explain that one to me. Why would Avenger characters be tied-up by a deal with Universal?
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