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Bladerunner2 CONFIRMED!

Harrison Ford is in current discussion with Ridley Scott regarding a sequel to the '82 sci-fi yarn that is considered, by most, as Fords finest hour, and arguably science fiction fandoms all time greatest film. Who can argue that?

The soundbyte was heard less than 20 minutes ago, by myself, on Londons LBC radio, which is celebrating 40 years of air time - and the good news has been validated by Mr. H himself, as he was promoting his latest effort Enders Game.

I am so excited by this I just cancelled Christmas for the next 1000 years, and logged in just to share the news with the Raven community. More excited about this than the Star Wars sequel.

Yes! YES!! and F*ckin' YES!!!

Get this one on. This is the movie I have been waiting for since KOCS - before and beyond!
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