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Originally Posted by MDew
Thought I'd relocate this discussion, since I accidentally posted it in the wrong place:
Thanks for doing that, MDew. As I said in the other thread: This is an amazing discovery!

Since Wilmington was also used as the location for several of the Old Indy bookends, the mystery scene *might* be from either:

- An unused bookend.
- Henry Sr. & Anna's wedding (filmed for the new, opening footage in "My First Adventure").

Those are the only scenarios I can think of. Maybe you've already asked him but the 2 most important questions for your contact are:
1) When (What year) was the shoot?
2) Was he & the extras wearing period costumes or were they in modern dress?

(Through my YouTube channel, I've been contacted by 3 people who appeared in bookends. One of them played the mailwoman from the "Austria" episode and she is definitely from Wilmington.)
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