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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
"Inspired" find...what do you think of the edit?
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Indeed, indeed. 'Twas 'inspired' by the current discussion of the Cruciform Sword symbol.

Quite frankly, I don't know what to think of the edit. While it's cool think that Indy kept Tolstoy's bible on his desk in his room, the new shot doesn't match the main prop. That said, the inconsistency in the DVD version is something I can live with but it does change matters a tiny fraction...Ultimately, the alteration is probably a good thing.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Anyone keeping an ordered index of the changes?
I am. Rest assured, Rocket, because this thread is essentially my baby. (The cut scenes from "Princeton, February 1916" will be the focus of my planned IndyCast segment.)
Originally Posted by Montana Smith
That's quite a drastic change, and yet so subtle that I hadn't noticed it. I wonder, then, why they felt it so necessary to explain Henry's posession of a Russian Orthodox Bible?
Maybe it's because:

A) Indy's desk also has a photo of Teddy Roosevelt's African safari and someone felt it would be a good idea to connect the bible to Tolstoy.
B) Perhaps it was a continuity mistake which was begging to be fixed.

There are quite a few changes in "Travels With Father" and this bible shot is just one more example (which passed by without notice until yesterday)! Who knows how many cuts/modifications exist in "The Adventures of..." VHS & DVDs? The hunt is constant and ongoing...
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