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Yay, for Indymag! They look fabulous!!

Originally Posted by whipwarrior
This offer appeared in IndyMag #3 in an interview with Find Your Fate Indy artist David B. Mattingly:

This is a great deal! I bought three prints from David, and he signed each one for me! It's incredible to examine the artwork in large format, because there are details in the original paintings that can't be seen on the book covers, due to the downscaling. For example, David put his initials on the heiroglyphics on Lost Treasure of Sheba and on the Egyptian gateway in Cult of the Mummy's Crypt! Vintage 1980's Indy novel Easter eggs!

I also contacted Barclay Shaw (artist for the last 2 Find Your Fate Indy books) to see if he also offered art prints of his covers, but unfortunately he sold the original paintings years ago, and is thus unable to scan them for sale. Well, at least I tried!
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