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Originally Posted by TheFirebird1
To answer your question, yes. Some stories are pretty well-written, such as #1 (Curse of Horror Island) and #2 (Lost Treasure of Sheba), and are a fine addition to the Indy canon. They'd look good in any collection. However, I would be wary of unscrupulous dealers who price them too high-the books aren't worth a fortune. You can find most of them for a low price around the Web.

Oh don't worry. I am not going to pay some of the more ridiculous prices some sellers have been asking (up to a hundred dollars or even more)
Apparently some of these people have the idea that these books are really rare pieces of literature.

On a sidenote it is sometimes really annoying how rare some books are becoming because they are not printed any more or converted to digital format.
I have a feeling a lot of books have become lost to the public this way.

So far a couple of British online book stores have found offer a few titles for reasonable prices and shipping costs.
I guess I would have to collect them one by one if I ever start on these.

Whipwarrior, thank you. I am going to check that book you uploaded out in a moment.
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