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Here's a scary one from: General Indy 5 Thread - rumors and possibilities

Originally Posted by RedeemedChild
One reason my faith in God is so solid is because of the supernatural things I've experienced in my life. In the latter part of last month I nealy killed myself, actually I should have died as I hit my head the way Billey Mays did, however, I kept praying to to God to let me live and about the third and into the fourth day the awful pain in my head left and my vision became clear again. In fact I should have died many times over in my life but thank God I'm still here.

One other thing that keeps my faith alive in the supernatural is the fact that I have seen strange creatures at night, VARY strange beings and yet my family and some of my friends cannot see them. A few of my friends can see these creatures but not all of them and then there are some of which they can see but I can't. The latter puzzles me the most. How is they can see and I cannot?
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