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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Well that's really a "look at the pictures" type of deal, and they have the dramas to help them along!
You mean the word, "snikt", isn't in the dictionary?
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Adventure novels...hmm would Hostage to the Devil be considered an adventure novel?
Dunno, but Wilbur Smith's, "Shout at the Devil", is!
Originally Posted by goodeknight
I dropped Journey to the Center of the Earth after the 19th passage about mineralogy.
Try and have another go, Goodeknight. Being an avid fan of Jules Verne, "Journey" is probably my favourite of his oeuvres. Really glad to hear that you've finally read, "The Lost World"! (First time I read it was an actual 1st edition printing from the McGill University library.)

Another classic to recommend is, "The Four Feathers", by A.E.W. Mason.
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