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Originally Posted by The Drifter
Wasn't Wild, Wild West a novel with steampunk and western elements?

My understanding is that it was just a tv show and a movie, although I could be wrong.

Originally Posted by Indy Scout 117
ok i've got a question for yall. do you know of any good steampunk fiction books?? ive read the Ghost books (Ghosts of Manhattan and Ghosts of War), and i am really into steampunk. in fact, im writing a book about steampunk. but do any of you read that kind of fiction? if so, i'd love to know what you've read!!

Apart from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels, there's obviously the pre-steampunk works of science fiction from which steampunk is derived. You've done the Verne & Wells classics?

As an aside, the film version of Verne's submarine adventure was released 57 years ago today.

Also, there's a blog that may be of interest.
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