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Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
You got to speak to your audience in a language they this for instance:

Been all badlands since that incident on 57th street. Independence day, 4th of July, been nothing but Devils and Dust in the darkness on the edge of town but Bobby Jean's got your Book of Dreams and when Rosalita comes out tonight you'll be blinded by the light. You won't have to take the bus to 82nd street. I know it's been hard to be a saint in the city, but you keep up that New York City serenade and it'll all be Glory days before you know it. Don't worry about Wild Billy's circus story, we're almost past the tenth avenue freeze out. The river, well, all boats enjoy the rising.

Point blank, you're tougher than the rest, and I know you got a hungry heart...but don't fret, you'll see the promise land before the ghost of Tom Joad, it's just the price you pay. I'm goin down to Lucky Town, Atlantic City along Thunder Road, and if I don't end up a wreck on the highway, if I get back to my hometown, well it's just a matter of straight time and not a roll of the dice and you'll be queen of the supermarket again.

good thing I didnt ask you for Clarence's autograph
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