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Originally Posted by JuniorJones
Keeping it all for Facebook! Prephaps I should keep these kinds of things to myself!!

Sharing is cool as you'll never know what will be unearthed.

Nice Hawkman post!

And hey, don't forget, I was the one that breathed life back into that Byrne thread with the Indy office piece!

And...I did give you credit on the FB page for the con sketches. Now that we'll soon be moving on to Gene Day and Denny O'Neil...what "Further" fodder have you got for me? I have the Wizard magazine piece on Day, btw.

Mitch - why should I dig, when I know the best digger in CT?

It sounds like you know something...what do you know? And when did you know it? Gimme, gimme...!
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