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Originally Posted by goodeknight
While I would love an entire Indy theme park, or an Indy/Star Wars park, I think it would be heavy overkill on the Indy side of things. You could do a lot of different rides and attractions with Star Wars, but I believe for the general audience the Indy stuff would get old. And most people would say, "I don't remember Indy finding Atlantis..."

And you're right, to a strong extent. An Indy park would be something of a marketing challenge (although: who doesn't love adventure?)

Originally Posted by goodeknight
That said, it seems to me the way to go would be a Lucasfilm park. HUGE Star Wars area with shows, rides, shops, etc. Good size Indy area with a few rides and attractions, even loosely related like a Disney-style jungle cruise.

And then individual rides or shows for all of the other memorable Lucas films (even if they were pre-Lucasfilm).

That would rope in:

* Willow
* American Graffiti (classic cars and rock 'n roll). That could include a 50s diner, rides, shows...
* (skip Howard the Duck)
* Hook
* Land Before Time -- kiddie dinosaur land
* Labyrinth is a maybe, too

I'm dubious of it being based simply on the different Lucas franchises, whether it includes things beyond Indy and Star Wars or not. To just take the two, they are such wildly different franchises in terms of their setting and technological and cultural trappings that I don't see how they could share the same acreage in any meaningful way. (Which is to say, contra Stoo, that ownership isn't enough. That's why, for example, Monsters Inc. in Tomorrowland is a disaster.) What's the center of the park like? Or the entranceway? Is it a movie studio facsimile, and then you enter through the camera lens or something to go to each movie themed area? Or is everything you see themed as though it is the movie set for the worlds of Lucas, as the Disney Studios park treats it? You'd also end up doubling up on certain environments, to get both Indiana Jones's Middle East and Star Wars's Tatooine.

I get that it's the marketable approach. (Well, no: the marketable approach is a Star Wars park, full stop.) But it seems pretty hard to justify thematically.
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