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Originally Posted by Stoo
I emphatically disagree. To repeat part of my post #25 (from 4 years ago): the last thing this world needs is another Lara Croft/Relic Hunter!

Call me a sexist but I strongly dislike these ideas of a gun-totin', kung fu-kickin' female as Indy's daughter. If that's what you wanted, you might as well have had a muffin-baking Dr. Jones who uses lemon-scented body cream & glitter-paints his toenails!

A daughter wouldn't have been Mutt, and therefore an alternative to Shia, who was born in 1986.

Here's a list of 1,567 women born in 1986, to choose from!

She needn't kick much ass.

She could be the one on the right (after a fling with a Chinese prostitute during his sojourn in Shanghai),

or she could Marion's, but just rougher than Mutt,

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