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Well first off thanks everyone for participating to my grave digging

Originally Posted by InexorableTash

This is the comprehensive list of the versions I have in my possession too. And as you and others said, Rich Douglas' version is the best by far. BUT it only gathers 11 tracks as you pointed out.

This is the main reason why I have been searching for Lundquist's rendition... more tracks, and it seems to have a pretty good reputation (apparently some more advanced work, like Rich Douglas).

I'll come back later and give the few links I've gathered so far that may help us in our "quest". Though the easiest would be to contact Lundquist more directly (if anybody can send him an email, a private message on another message board he's active on...).

Good digging everyone

EDIT: Oh and by the way, Rich Douglas is working with Patrik Spacek on Fate Of Atlantis: Special Edition (HD remake of the game)
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