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Originally Posted by Walecs
To be fair many James Bond PTSs are tied to the film's main plot, with few exceptions (arguably Octopus*y's PTS is the only one with absolutely no ties to the main plot). But I agree with your point.

EDIT: Lol, I can't believe the movie title is censored!

Goldfinger? The pre-title sequence to that one is about Bond stopping a heroin smuggling ring in Latin America. The only bridge between the two stories is that Bond is then sent on holiday to Miami.

In Indy though:

Raiders - pre-adventure is about golden idol. Connection to main story is Belloq.

TOD - Pre-adventure is about the Peacock's Eye diamond. Connection to main story is Willie and Shortround

LC - Pre-adventure is about Indy first discovering the Cross of Coronado in 1912, then finally recovering it in 1938. No connection to main story except for a cameo by an unseen Henry Sr.

KOTCS breaks with this in that we don't even SEE the pre-adventure, it's only mentioned. It feels off.
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