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I was lucky enough to see King Tut himself when I was in Egypt last summer. A little girl who was in my class at the time couldn't believe I had not gome in there the first time I was in Egypt, so she made me promise that this time I would go in.

So when I was in the Valley of the Kings I really wanted to see his tomb, as I had missed out on that the year before. But as people who have been there know, there's an extra charge for visiting King Tut's tomb. Like Stoo, I don't blame them, they need the money.

But when I then got to the tomb, it was closed because they were filming inside. So I made a heartbraking plea about how I had promised that I would go to the girl in my class. The film crew saw me and told the guards they should send me in.

Inside they had Tut's mummy completely uncovered. An amazing sight. Normally I think you only get to see the head. They filmed me while I looked over the tomb and the mummy. Also, one of the archeologists on site complimented me on my hat.

So if you guys ever see footage somewhere of a guy inside King Tut's tomb wearing a Noel Howard shirt and an Akubra, that's bound to be me....
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