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As most of you know, Tut is making his final North American appearance in New York City at the Discovery Times Square Exposition. If you're anywhere in the vicinity, I encourage you to visit. While they could have some extra placards and signage detailing the importance of some of items, it is quite the exhibit. And as a bonus, New Yorkers are going to get a glimpse of one of Tut's chariots. Possibly the one he was in just before he died according to Doctor Hawass.

A couple of interesting notes: I know some people have complained about the ticket price; at $25 in addition to normal entry fees, it is rather steep. However, again according to Dr. Hawass, Egypt is getting a hefty cut of the proceeds that will be used in funding the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza. While not overly fond of the design, it is an innovative way to raise money for the project.

Also: I was surprised that this exhibit opened on Times Square. I would've figured on The Met or the American Museum of Natural History. Dr. Hawass wasn't pleased about it either.

John Norman, president of Arts & Exhibitions, Intl., responds to Dr. Hawass' question. If you don't want to watch it, he basically says we wouldn't have made enough money.

You can read the review from The New York Times here. There's a good Q&A with Dr. Hawass over here as well.
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