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Alltime favorite Indy Dream Game is more of a George Lucas Game Called the George Lucas Extravaganza It includes Star Wars, American Graffiti, and of Course... Indiana Jones. Which are in my opinion George Lucas's Masterpiece films/ film series.

So it starts out with the star wars logo font that flies back fading into the Raiders Logo font that continues to fly back and then fades to the American Graffiti Font which continues to fly back and fade out spelling "George Lucas Extravaganza" instead of the actual Movie Names and the Theme changes from Star Wars to Raiders to Rock around the Clock

Then we get a camera push in on earth it puches all si fi like to Norhte america through clouds and what not and we land in California where American Graffiti takes Place. You basically play through the game as John Milner (the tough guy with the piss yellow '32 coupe) racing different people and eventually the '55 chevy, who is mentioned through the game by people around town including Terry (nerd) Curt (goes to college) and Steve (ron howard). In the story you pass by multiple lucasfilm references including Raiders of the Lost Ark Serial Posters and Star Wars Serial posters (the adventures of Luke Skywalker). Anyways the game ends with you and Terry driving from paradise road where the big race took place and to the movie theatre where the serial version of raiders starts up the camera pushes in from black and whit to a color version of the real thing. Indiana Jones is walking throught the jungle in raiders. He gets to the temple escapes the traps including the boulder and gets the idol stolen by beloq and you pretty much go through Raiders including the truck chase (which would be insanely awesome ) then it ends in washington DC where Indy and Marion are there and Marion says "I'll buy you a drink"... bu the camera tilts up and we see a star flash. The camera pans back down and it's all stars. The end of the star wars lettering flys off and the emperial ship flys over and we go through star wars. Some longer scenes are cut, like with the rest of the films.

And this ends it.

I think that this game would redeem the Next Gen Game Disaster and remind people of George Lucas' Masterpieces. If this does well, then do Next Gen versions of episode 5 and Temple of Doom, and then if those sell well then do Episode 6 and the Last Crusade. Then that'll be it. And my dreams of next gen original Indiana Jones and original Star Wars adaptions will be fulfilled
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