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O.K. here's is what my dream game would look like. The game would be focused on the fact that you can play through not only all the movies, but through 3 original storylines that are created by blending elements from the books, tv show, and other games.
The gameplay would be more focused on action than exploration (To give it more of a movie feel). Some of the features of the new action scheme are as followed. Players are able to have complete freedom in chases and fights. In the chases, you can get out of a truck (or tank or duck), jump from it to another, beat up the driver, throw him out, and drive it. In fights you have the freedom to use your whip to interact with almost anything. the Euphoria engine would also be used.
More of the features are, 1 , Multiplayer. This multiplayer is more like lego indy 2. Somtimes there will be 2 or more players and you are able to switch through them to solve some puzzles. They also use lego indy 2's split screen for the innevitable instance where your friend falls behind in a chase. 2, Graphics. Obviously this game would be on the next-gen consoles, but the graphics would be like none other. The chases would have trees blurring by, creating the illusion of speeding through the jungle. Finally, the voice acting this is simple all the movie characters do all the voices.

Wow, what a game that would be
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