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I have to confess, I probably wouldn't be as upset about the non-inclusion of the Old Indy sequences (at least in some form) were it not for the fact that George Hall was in one of my favorite little "hidden gems" of a show, "Remember WENN" which was made a few years after Young Indy. He played a funny, sweet old man who worked at a Pittsburgh radio station in the late 30s/early 40s. He did such a wonderful job in that show. Because of that, I have a stronger loyalty to George Hall than I might otherwise have.

But even without that, I'd still be upset that the DVDs are not "complete" without the Old Indy bookends, even if they were relegated to a deleted scenes section, or even easter eggs.

Anyway, still gonna complete my collection with Vol. 3 in April. Then the wife and I are gonna settle down and start Young Indy as our latest DVD-watching "marathon" (currently we're enjoying "Freaks and Geeks").
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