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One thing I always found strange about the bookends is that a lot of times, the credits would zoom by, with each lasting about a second, and sometimes half a second! You can barely read the title before it fades to another credit, etc. One of the few positive aspects of the re-edits is that they give each credit at least two seconds on screen.

Another plus of the re-edits is the fading from color to black and white at the end. I guess it compensates (HA!) for the removal of the bookends, in that it gives you the feeling that this has all already happened.

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I want the Chronicles back, dammit... I dig the Chronicle format so much more. German East Africa, December 1916. Congo, January 1917. That's how I remember these episodes.

I second that. Us Young Indy fans and the Star Wars original trilogy fans should storm the gates of Skywalker Ranch, South Park style.
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