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Originally Posted by Blumburtt
Is it just me, or is Joel McNeely's score for the balloon chase in 'The Phantom Train of Doom' very reminiscent of John William's 'Belly of the Steel Beast' from the Last Crusade soundtrack? Intentional? Plagiarism?

It is indeed very reminiscent of it, and intentionally so (and why would you think it's plagiarism, if it's part of the same overall series?). The composer himself even briefly mentioned/acknowledged it in his liner notes from the soundtrack album:

Originally Posted by Composer Joel McNeely, who wrote in the "Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom" liner notes for the soundtrack album The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Vol. 4
This film and as a result this score, is more typical in style of the Indiana Jones feature films than the series and much is musically owed to John Williams, whose brilliant scores light up these films.
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