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IMHO, The Phantom Train of Doom was one of the better YIJC episodes:

- Great story and acting, and a good combination of drama & humor. The espionage aspect was interesting, and the incredible African scenery was amazing as well.

- This & the other Africa episodes showed a side of WW I that I hadn't been famliar with before, and illustrated how far-reaching the War actually was.

- I liked the cameo by Frederick Selous (Paul Freeman), since it was an homage not only to his appearance in the little Indy Africa episode, but to ROTLA (since Freeman played Belloq in that film).

- Also, if memory serves it's the first YIJC episode/tele-film that didn't air with the George Hall bookends, so when you watch it on the DVD set you're watching what was originally seen on network TV back in '93 (in the U.S.). Granted, that's not enough to make this necessarily rise above the other episodes, but it does illustrate that that the GH bookends, though interesting, aren't completely necessary.
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