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a guy Damnit! They put another thread in jello!

I searched for an existing thread using those exact keywords; "The", "Office", "NBC".

I'll be submitting a memo for the Official Complaint Box in New York.

The funny thing is, I have an awkward* friend who pulls failures like Micheal Scott.

The most epic in recent history was the day he was being a boob at lunch. Another friend punched him in the arm, maybe hard enough to give him a charliehorse. He tried to evade it, making a "GAH!" cry, but got nailed. He clenched his arm and screamed F*****K!!, making the present student body turn its head. He then stood up, grabbing the bottom of the round table, and tried to flip it over, but he could only lift it several inches on the one side, causing everyone's tray to simply rock around. Then he dropped it and ran out of the cafeteria.

Reminds me alot of the episode in which Micheal tries to prove his toughness by having Dwight punch him in the gut, against the advice of the others;

*Dwight double jabs him, Micheal snaps into a standing 90 degree angle*

JIM: 'Are you okay--'

MICHEAL: 'Oh, yeah.'

*Scurries into office, closes the door and a set of blinds, and collapses-knocking contents of desk to the floor*

But before I get to telling too many tails of others, just today I made it to school in the family pickup, which is older and has virtually no suspension. Before I left, I made a last mug of coffee. Full, and in a cup. Not even out of the driveway, it slopped, all down my groin. I was at home, so why didn't I get out and change jeans??

When I got to school, I should've said "I partially fell into a coy pond saving a small child from maybe falling into it."
God, how embarrassing and straightforward to tell them it was coffee...

* It often sucks, but I get it.
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