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Originally Posted by Junior Jones
And I'm surprised he didn't re-introduce himself to President Wilson in Paris, too.
O.K. wait - Did he meet Wilson in one of the junior novels or something?
Good to see you posting, Junior Jones!

Indy's clue-dropping didn't work on Demetrios so had to break into the man's home
and steal his jackal head in order to make the guy realize who he was.
Originally Posted by AdamwanKenobi
"Mr. Ravenwood? Maybe you don't remember me. I'm Henry Jones, Jr. We met a little over ten years ago in Jerusalem when I was a kid."
Perfect! Could you hear Ned to Indy, "Are you the kid who keeps writing me all
those blasted letters?" How about Indy to Remy, "It's me Indy! You almost executed
me in Mexico 2 years ago. Don't you remember? I'm responsible for your 2 missing toes!"

Serioulsy, though, you can forgive any of the other names to not recognize Indy.
It would be interesting to see who was still alive after Indy becomes "famous" so they
could say, "Yes, I've known Prof. Jones since he was just a boy. As a matter of fact, in 19..."
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