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Now, when I went to the upper secondary school (the closest Finnish equivalent to the American senior high), there was some interesting things going on by that time, for example they were constructing a new school building besides the one we were in that was to be taken use when it was finished.

Now, the day finally became and people were of course going all cool by the new devices and modern-looking decor... until one of my friends commented: "Generally it's still the same. You've seen one classroom, you've seen them all."

Now, I don't quite agree that the classroom is exactly the same in both LC and Raiders. Sure, they have a lot in similar, but that does not mean that they are the one and same room... especially by that time, when buildings were made even more after similar model than today, it is completely logical that the classrooms look same in decor (and yeah, perhaps they simply recycled some props).
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